• Elyse Greenamyre

Self- Care!

During Christmas my siblings and I went to Portland, Oregon to visit my aunt. I was really excited for the opportunity to go on vacation and relax! However, by the second day that we were there I was exhausted and felt overstimulated from constantly being around other people due to my introverted nature. If you’re not familiar with the term, an introvert is someone who feels drained after being in a social situation and needs some alone time doing a solitary activity to recharge. The opposing term would be an extrovert which is someone who gains energy from interacting with others.

During this trip, I hardly made any efforts to be alone or focus on my needs and I ended up paying a price for this decision. I knew that I should take a moment for myself but I did not want to miss out on any fun events, conversations, or family time so I ignored my instincts. For the duration of that trip I constantly felt anxious, more easily distracted than normal, and so tired that I was daydreaming about taking a nap instead of engaging in conversation or enjoying my surroundings. When I finally got home from Oregon and had a chance to be alone, I immediately started to feel my energy levels increase and a sense of calm come over me. Self- care will be different for everyone but for me it means listening to my body and taking time for myself. This could mean going outside to draw, read, or perhaps just taking a nap. What does taking time for yourself look like?

To help you answer this question, I have complied a few websites that offer a variety of helpful self-care tools, many of which are short and fit right into a busy schedule!

On this website, you can click on different options such as stress or depression and find inspirational videos, quotes, and more.


Here you will find a plethora of positive blog posts


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Finally, we have a list tips for self- care