Want to create change in your community but don't know where to start? Individual membership provides access to a network of other youth leaders who can provide support and resources. 


Are you a part of a group who is doing work that deserves to be shared? Chapter membership provides opportunities to not only grow your organization but strengthen it from the inside.


Are you interested in youth peer support or building equality and inclusion? Workgroups provide an opportunity to guide policy and decision making on these key topics.


As we advocate for change, we are always learning, growing, and trying new things. This is where YOU come in!

We are currently looking for youth between the ages of 13-25 to join our family - individuals and groups who can bring a new perspective and share in our dream.

ACCEPT is a group of youth and supportive adults from across Texas. We are visionaries, change agents, movers, and shakers. More importantly, we're friends. Family. Being part of ACCEPT reminds us that there are others who have gone through similar experiences. We dream. And we dream BIG. We envision a world where youth voice is valued.


We love hearing about all of the amazing ways that youth and young adults are creating change in their communities across Texas on a daily basis. Whether it's through volunteering to serve the community, hosting events, advocating at city council meetings, raising awareness on a school campus, or any of the other countless ways that youth are pursuing their passion, it is clear that youth are leaders.  

Still, creating change can be difficult, take longer than expected, and can sometimes feel like nobody else cares. Individual membership provides a pathway for being able to connect with other young leaders who share the same drive and passions to make a difference.


Members of ACCEPT are provided access to additional support and resources to maxmize your impact and ensure that your voice is heard.   


We also love hearing about how youth are mobilizing and uniting to create positive transformation. Chapter membership provides an opportunity for groups to increase their impact by having priority access to consultation, training, and additional resources. Chapters are also given platforms to share their work with state leaders and decision makers. You can learn more about what our current chapters are doing by clicking here or apply for chapter membership below.